Our harvester machines are designed to be effective in all terrain conditions and have an adjustable combs height, a very effective cleaner that goes under the comb’s teeth and special teeth that do not break the legs of blueberries. To ease the adjustment of the height of the comb; a simple and robust mechanism was integrated into the picker.
The best mechanized harvester on the market. Ideal for all low-bush blueberry pickers, this harvester will give you a higher return than the average.

Even in rough, dirty fields this harvester makes for easy harvesting of the blueberries. Watch the short video for how to quickly clean the teeth and continue picking.

Teeth on the Harvester head can easily be changed.

Watch this how to video ⇒

Compatible with Majors Brands of Tractors

Our blueberry picking machines are compatible with many brands of tractors and guarantee you of the best quality at a very high speed. Whatever your picking volume, you will find a product that meets your needs and your equipment.